Testimonials and Experience

“Aerin Caley proved to be professional, punctual, quick to respond to any questions, and pleasant to deal with. She has a keen eye for detail and pointed out several things that I’d overlooked during my self editing. Beyond honing the punctuation and grammar, she alerted me to a jarring change in viewpoint and a factual error in a chase scene. Overall, Aerin made my experience with an editor highly satisfactory. 

Thank you, Aerin, for helping me to perfect my art of the written word. I’m certain my readers will appreciate it too.” – Inga M. Nelson, Noetic Mars

“Aerin is a superbly effective and thorough editor. They very carefully went through my dense manuscript and polished it up to be a real novel. They left me very useful feedback that helped me to clean up problem areas within my story. I would highly recommend writers use their services. 12/10, would definitely have them edit my work again.” – Liam Ui Bhriain, Back of Beyond

“Aerin provided copy and line editing for my very first novel, and was helpful and patient with me as I learned the ropes.  Working with her was always a joy; she hit her deadlines (usually beat them) even when I did not, provided substantive advice about content when she thought it would help, and even hooked me up with a local illustrator to do my cover!  I always felt like I was getting honest feedback and well-researched advice, and I could not have asked for a better editor.  I’m looking forward to our next collaboration!” -B. Albert Brier, Children of the Trident

“Aerin reviewed my book ‘Raising Pasha – the early woofs.’ She provided clear and concise feedback which was helpful in taking the book forward. Definitely a service I would use again in the future.”  -Laura Mayer, Raising Pasha

“I was privileged to have Aerin Caley do the editing on my book and I was extremely happy with the end result. The suggestions offered enhanced my book greatly. Some editors are only good at the technical aspect of editing: fixing punctuation and spelling. Ms. Caley excels at that certainly, but she offers something more. Working with her I truly felt that she understood my creative process. She worked with me to keep the mood of my book, the character of it and yet stepped it up to a professional level. She sent me her corrections in a way that was easy to understand, offering reasons, when appropriate, of why she was suggesting different things. It can be hard to hand over a manuscript to someone to edit but the experience was a great one. I would recommend Ms. Caley to anyone looking for an editor, for both the technical side of writing and the creative side; she excels in both areas.  -Victoria Lechler, Dear Titus (Letters I Wish My Dog Could Read)

“I hired Aerin as part of a rejuvenation of the technical documentation team in a large engineering firm. She turned out to be an excellent writer, researcher and organizer.  Not only was she an excellent writer, with outstanding skills for translating domain expert language into human consumable material, she also successfully turned her hand to the development of a structured documentation environment based on the DITA platform, playing a pivotal role in both developing the information architecture needed, as well as transitioning existing documentation into the new environment.”  -Michelle Shaw

“Aerin is a pleasure to work with. My editorial group missed our promised deadlines to Aerin multiple times, and despite other commitments she flexed her schedule to accommodate us—and always cheerfully so. Projects don’t always unfold as planned. It’s nice to work with someone who can handle that uncertainty.” -Debra Basil, Faculty, Dhillon School of Business, University of Lethbridge