Review 39: Lost Harbor, Alaska

I may offer editing in either American or Canadian English, but lemme tell you, it’s still hard to type harbour improperly.

Once again, I’m posting a review of a series, rather than each book individually. I don’t know if it works for you, the reader, but when I binge-read a series, I don’t want to stop and analyse and think about writing for each one. If I’m in the midst of a series that is being released on a staggered series, it’s much easier to do one at a time.

As the series title suggests, these stories are set in the fictional Alaskan town of Lost Harbor. My parents lived in the Yukon before I was born, I have friends who live in the NWT, and I’ve visited up there – so I feel pretty comfortable in saying that incidents that happen throughout the series are actually tame and don’t fully reflect just how weird it can get up there. However, it does make for a great setting for a sweet and funny romance series.

For me, this series by Jennifer Bernard falls into the middle of the pack. The writing style is enjoyable and light, the relationships have mostly real-world challenges that mean the characters need to undergo at least a bit of growth, and there are some laughs and some tears along the way. Even the sex scenes are moderately explicit and completely vanilla. I enjoyed reading them, but they aren’t going into my favs pile and I doubt I’ll bother to re-read them.

If you like a light, sweet, and essentially happy reading experience, these books are for you.