Review 53: Southern Lights

Jay Hogan was recommended through another author’s Facebook page and was a bit disappointed to discover that their books were only available through Amazon. However, the author contacted me and I was able to buy ebook copies directly. That was amazing and I very much appreciated it. I’d buy all my books that way, if it was an option!

I had the first three books in the series, Powder & Pavlova, Tamarillo Tart, and Flat Whites & Chocolate Fish, so binged through them fairly quickly. The first quick note, if you missed it earlier, is that these are M/M, so if that isn’t your cup of tea then move along. These books are all set in Australia, and I greatly enjoyed all the slang and bits of local lore that help to set the scene. I do wish that there was maybe a bit more poetic description of the setting, as it tends to lean to the factual side of things.

I think that the stories themselves did a good job of portraying the balance that LGBTQ+ folks have to walk between the accepting side of society and the less tolerant members. The sex scenes are what I’d describe as middle of the pack – some nice spice, but nothing too kinky and not an ongoing parade of steamy activities. All three couples are well-developed and interesting and undergo some character development throughout their story.

I found these books to be light, enjoyable, and entertaining.