Review 6: Feyness

I finally got around to reading another book for my Goodreads group challenge, and this time it was Feyness by E.S. Carter. It was another book that had been languishing on my TBR, so this was a good kick in the butt to get into it. This book comes with all kinds of warnings that it is a “dark” read and that if you want light and fluffy, don’t pause here. I generally don’t go looking for that kind of thing, but it doesn’t particularly upset me either, so I figured I’d at least give it a try. In a sense, it lived up to it and in another sense, I was kind of disappointed. There are definitely a lot of characters who are miserable human beings who torture other people, apparently for kicks. There are some graphic descriptions of horrible acts and brutal deaths, so if you are bothered by that kind of thing – it lives up to its warnings and you should just keep moving on.

But it was a bit disappointing in it’s development of the interior landscape of the hero and heroine in the face of all this depravity. They spend a lot of time telling the reader how scarred they are, how evil they’ve become to survive or how innocent they’ve managed to stay despite all that is done to them, but it mostly feels like pantomime. In the end, I have to admit that this ended up being more of a deep skim than a true read, because nothing really pulled me in. The characters are flat and the plot is pretty predictable.

In the end, the mechanics of the writing are decent, nothing really leapt out at me as examples of horrible editing and I’ve read worse, so I gave it three stars. I’m starting to feel like three is kind of my default position and there is probably a pretty wide range that I put there. In reality, for me personally, this was probably a 2 star read, but at least one lost was more due to personal preference and I’m a soft touch, so… it gets a three.