Review 34: Reckless Beat Box Set

I won the first book of the Reckless Beat series, Blind Attraction, on a Facebook group giveaway. Before I got through my TBR to read it, Bookbub gave away the box set of the first three books, so I snagged it. I’ve just finished reading it, so here on my thoughts on the start of this series.

In general, I enjoyed it enough that at some point, I’ll get around to reading the rest of the series. The characters are fairly well developed and since half of each couple is a young rock star, I cut them more slack. Going into that kind of environment before your personality is fully formed is bound to have a stunting effect, so I cut them some slack that I wouldn’t for an “average” person. When they behave more like children in some situations, I can forgive it more easily (and it does make more tension in the plots.)

The ladies also have a set of backgrounds that have made their lives challenging and are pretty crazy, without being completely unbelievable. Unlikely, but not impossible. The sex scenes are steamy, there are some funny moments, and I definitely enjoy all the snark and sass that the band members throw at each other. The editing is solid, I have no complaints there.

Overall, there is nothing that really stands out in this box set to earn extra stars, but it’s a solid rock star romance effort. I give it three stars.