Review 52: Hot and Badgered

This title caught my eye ages ago, because it made me laugh, but I admit that I didn’t pick up it until it was an option for one of those Kobo giveaways as part of my account. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ll be looking to get more of the series.

I laughed outrageously through the whole thing, as this author seems to have that knack for setting up insane situations without tripping my “suspension of disbelief” limit. I also really enjoyed this particular take on shifter lives. So many of them, especially wolf ones, embrace the strict “alpha wolf” hierarchy myth that isn’t even true in wolves, let alone in creature who have to balance wolf and human characteristics. In this world, it seems like there are humans who shift into pretty much every animal, plus the crossbreedings that create fun, new individuals.

This book is the first in the series and it spends quite a bit of time world-building. Which isn’t bad, but at some points, it almost feels like the arc of the main characters’ relationship is more of a subplot than the main focus of the story. It leans quite heavily on the idea that shifters know their “ideal” mate on sight, but I’d have been happy to see a little more character development.

It was a highly entertaining read, and I look forward to getting more.

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