Review 48: Love in Due Time

There is a growing trend of authors opening up their worlds for other authors to play in. I have to admit that it makes me nervous, because you can only hope that someone else will be able to respect and add to a universe you love without mucking it up. I console myself with the thought that if I don’t like a particular book, I don’t have to consider it canon.

It was in this mindset that I somewhat delayed starting to read LB Dunbar’s Love in Due Time, the first book in the Green Valley Library series. I also have several LB Dunbar books in my TBR that I haven’t got to yet, so I had no idea what I thought of her as author. But I adore Penny Reid’s work, so I told myself that she wouldn’t let something horrible through and I started in.

I’m glad I did! This is a second chance romance, which can be hit or miss for me. I did find Naomi’s response to her first meeting with Nathan to be pretty exaggerated. But for me to wish that characters had and used access to counselling is not rare. I often think it about people in real life too. Once I came to terms with that, I enjoyed the rest of the book. There are lots of entertaining moments, chances to see some growth on the part of Naomi and Nathan, and lots of time in the library, which any reader should love.

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