Review 35: Wild Lilies

Wild Lilies, the first of the NOLA Shifters series by Angel Nyx, is another book that I won in Facebook readers’ group give away. (I admit, I’ve had some good luck in those lately!) I always promise to post a review for those, and I have a backlog waiting for me, so let’s knock off another one.

I love paranormal romance stories, so I was happy to have a new shifter series come to my attention. I haven’t double-checked, but I think this may have been an early release for Angel Nyx and it’s not an attention-getter.  There are metric tonnes of shifter romance stories out there, so you really need to have some unique variation to stand out from the crowd. Wild Lilies is a cookie cutter effort – there is nothing here that you haven’t read already, many times.

Independent young woman runs away from overbearing father. Check. Jaded, slightly older man who thinks he’s too damaged for love. Check. They are fated mates. Colour me surprised. Nothing about how they exist or act as shifters is different or unique. Even the sex scenes are a bit flat, as they come across as being described as great by the characters, rather than giving you the visceral experience of a hot and sweaty time. The only thing which might have promise for an ongoing series is the interplay of the allied and enemy shifter groups.

Sadly, the proofreading was sadly lacking. There was a lot messed up punctuation throughout the whole book. Many extra spaces, unpaired quotation marks, that kind of thing. It doesn’t effect the story itself, but it does raise my irritation level. If Bookbubs has discounts on more of the series or I can convince my library to pick up copies, I might read more to see what happens with political interplay, but I’m in no rush. I’m giving this book two stars.


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