Review 32: Being There

A friend of mine is a T.K. Rapp fan, so I wanted to try a book and see what I thought. To be honest, I chose this one primarily by price point, which means that it’s also an early release from Rapp. I’m not going to form a final opinion about their work based solely on this book, which is good, because I wasn’t blown away.

The heroine in this story is unfortunately not an uncommon type – she had a unpleasant experience and has somehow allowed it to dictate her life choices since then. I’m not one to advocate comparing how “hard” your life is, but honestly, I’d classify it in “life experience” category, not genuine trauma. But somehow her whole emotional development from late teens to young adulthood just stops because of this one thing. You are free to disagree, but to me, that falls into the category of manufactured drama to create some kind of plot. It’s lazy and irritating, so I can’t really recommend this book.

To be honest, I didn’t pay as much attention to the writing and the state of the editing, because I was kind of annoyed. It can’t have been too horrible or especially amazing, since it didn’t make enough impact for me to remember. At some point, I’ll try a newer release and hope the situation has improved.

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