Review 31: Country Road

Country Road is the collected five books by Andrea Johnston that revolve around the bar by that name. The individual books are Whiskey & Honey, Tequila & Tailgates, Martinis & Moonlight, Champagne & Forever, and Bourbon & Bonfires. I didn’t make a note, but I’m pretty sure I got the collection through Bookbub for free or on discount. I’d seen posts about the various releases through the Facebook group, Nerdy Little Book Herd, but they hadn’t gone up my priority list until this opportunity came along.

Overall, I’d rate this series as a solid 3. It’s all good, but nothing outstanding. There are funny moments, but it’s not a comedy series. There are sexy times, but nothing scorching hot. There is some angst, but nothing really heartbreaking. The writing is decent and reasonably well edited, although some errors did capture my eye.

I’ve noticed that, unsurprisingly, the more that the story captures my attention, the less that I notice editing slips on the first time reading it. Since I read this box set once and noticed multiple errors, it’s definitely a sign that the stories weren’t really sucking me in. I have no desire to re-read the books and the details are already slipping from my memory. Overall, I don’t think anyone would regret purchasing these books, but they won’t be on my “must-read” list.


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