Review 26: Illicit: A Contemporary Romance Collection

I bought this story collection when it was on pre-release sale. It hit my radar because an author whose work I’ve enjoyed has a story in it. It seemed like a good opportunity to read more of her stuff and get an introduction to a bunch of new authors.

Sadly, it turned out to be quite disappointing. The stories were a 3/5 at best. I just finished reading the collection and going through the titles, there’s probably close to half that I could barely give you any description of the titles or characters. They didn’t suck me in at all. In the end, I only finished it out of a fading sense of hope and some weird determination.

But at a certain point my judgement was probably affected by the fact that this collection was so poorly edited. Incorrect punctuation, missing punctuation, spelling errors, homophone errors, just plain wrong words – and a lot of them. I don’t know whether these authors normally skip editing or if there was some rush behind getting this collection out, but either way it’s terrible. There’s a lack of professionalism shown that is hugely disappointing. To be fair, the stories aren’t all bad and aren’t all in desperate need of editing, but sadly there are more in that camp than not.

Overall, I just really can’t recommend this one at all. I’m giving it 2 stars on Goodreads.

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