In the full disclosure category, I am terrible at self-promotion. I think I am a very good editor and I have the potential to be excellent – but getting out there and convincing random strangers of that is not my strong suit. Or even my adequate suit. So, putting on my grown-up face and getting out to events where I can meet people who might need my services is definitely something I need to be doing. This explains why I’ve registered for the Creative Ink Festival next month. One of my favourite clients is doing the keynote presentation, so extra bonus there!

Along the same lines, I really need to figure out how to find someone to design a business logo for me. I need something unique for this site, for my business cards, etc. I’m leery of places like Fivr, mostly because similar sites for editing work are such a rip-off. I don’t mind paying for services rendered, but I don’t want to pay for a whole “marketing plan” either – I just want a logo. Considering that I’m trying to give someone money, it’s amazing how hard it is to find someone.

And yes, I’m way behind on book reviews, I’ll post more soon.

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