Maggie Moves On ARC

The timing worked out in my favour this weekend and I managed to snag an ARC of Lucy Score’s upcoming release, “Maggie Moves On.” Although her books have all been published independently to date, this is the first of her offerings through a contract with Grand Central Publishing.

The story is a Lucy Score classic with engaging characters, a plot that sucks you in, and enough detail to make the world feel real and comfortable. Silas takes one look at Maggie and decides that she is the one. Maggie has built a life that protects her from reliving the hurts of the past, and she needs a little more convincing to take a chance. While Silas is convincing her, they renovate a grand old home, cuddle cute animals, save an at-risk youth, and solve the mystery of the missing stage coach gold. This is a steamy read, with explicit sex scenes (no kink), so if that’s not your thing, either skip this one or be prepared to skim past.

While I can enjoy a well-written angsty read, I think we’ve firmly established that I prefer a story that models adult behaviour. Not that the characters are perfect or never make mistakes, but that they own up to their errors and that they are willing to learn and grow. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the title of this book works on multiple levels.

This was an ARC, and although I’ve read published works in worse shape, it could stand another round of editing to meet the standard I’m used to from Lucy Score’s books. Given the scheduled release date, there’s lots of time, so I’m guessing the official text will be shined up. I highly recommend reading this one.

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