About Me

I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in a household that was immersed in University academia until I was in my teens, as my father pursued his PhD. Reading and writing were considered everyday activities and skilled execution was always appreciated. As I grew up I was encouraged to explore many interests, but reading has always been central to my life.

I received my Bachelor of Arts, English and Classics from the University of Alberta, but didn’t have a clear plan for a career. I spent some time working as an Administrative Assistant with the federal government and within health care. This was a thorough education in the possibilities for poor communication. I had several opportunities to travel during this time, including trips to Hawai’i, Singapore, China, and Eastern Europe. Next, I went to Toronto, ON to study at the Shiatsu School of Canada, where the training included Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Western anatomy, pathology, and physiology. I received my Diploma of Shiatsu and returned to Edmonton, AB working at various jobs until I met my partner and we moved to Calgary, AB. In Calgary, I was offered a position as a Technical Writer for an international software company and I worked there for five years.

Working as a technical writer reminded me of my love for language and my fascination with the art of communication. The impact of computers on communication became very clear to me, with the wide range of software tools that are now available to organize, compile, and share information in ways that were impossible 30 years ago.

When I left that position, I felt that it was time to pursue the career that had always called to me – editing! I’m the friend that people joke about being a grammar nazi and the opportunity to use and expand that passion to make my livelihood was a dream come true. So, if you’ve followed your dream to write a novel, or you’re writing the dissertation to defend your degree, or you’ve created a media presence to expand your business and you want to ensure that you’re presentation is as flawless as possible, I’d love to help you out!